Adding A Header To Your WordPress Website

A picture is worth a thousand words. An image always speaks more than a bunch of text.


You could write long essays to explain something and illustrate it much more easily with a chart or a diagram. Your website header performs a similar function. A header is a rectangular area at the top of your homepage that spreads horizontally across your screen. It is a great way to advertise your brand or company … Read full article »

What Goes In A Website Header?

Most people on the Internet like to surf now and then, we are all naturally inquisitive and surfing goes a long way to satisfy our curiosity. The range of topics when surfing is only limited by the Websites available on the Internet today, with most subjects covered in some way, shape or form.  … Read full article »

Custom Header & Background For Your Site

Personalize your WordPress install with a custom header and custom background in just a few easy clicks! No longer do you have to use the default theme and have your blog look like every other WordPress site … Read full article »

Custom Header WordPress Themes
How to Choose the Best Theme For You?

One way to make your WordPress site stand out is to use custom header WordPress themes. This type of theme allows you to insert your own header. You will need to play around a little bit with a photo editing program, but you can make your site look completely different than any other site out there…  Read full article »

The Website Header

Did you really focus on the website header during your web design? It’s one of the most looked at parts of your site and you should give it your full attention. It is the part of the site that says who you are and what you do, it is the attractive part that visitors recognize your site by… Read full article »

How to Customize Your Blog Header Using The Free Twenty Ten WordPress Theme

One of the first things that face someone as soon as WordPress is set up on a domain name is the default-free twenty-ten WordPress theme. This is a nice, clean, crisp, and easy to use interface which is why it probably was chosen to be the default template for WordPress… Read full article »

Tips For Creating Effective Headers, Ebook Covers and Box Covers

Headers and product covers play a crucial role in your sales success. Effective, high-quality images inspire trust, while something that looks thrown together has the opposite effect Your headers and product cover images must look professional and use the right colors and images … Read full article »

Benefits of WordPress Sites

What do you require far more than a site? A substantial Google Ranking! More folks than at any time are starting up their privacy on the net company right now, and 1 thing they all have in common is they require an on the web presence, ideally on Page 1 of Google… Read full article »

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