Adding A Header To Your WordPress Website

By Pragati Bidkar


A picture is worth a thousand words. An image always speaks more than a bunch of text. You could write long essays to explain something, and illustrate it much more easily with a chart or a diagram. Your website header performs a similar function.

A header is the rectangular area at the top of your homepage that spreads horizontally across your screen. It is a great way to advertise your brand or company. Many headers become so distinctive that people recognize the brand based on them. WordPress makes it very easy to add a header to your website.

A header can be comprised of many things:-

1.  An image depicting your logo, your offices, the city you are in etc. For example, a city skyline could provide a great backdrop and will make people instantly connect your company with a certain city or landmark. The opera house can symbolize a Sydney based business, or the Wall Street bull can be used by a stock broker.

2.  An image depicting your area of business – in recent times, many social media companies have collages of social media icons on their header instantly establishing that this is their area of expertise.

3. Target market or audience – a baby food company might have a picture of a bunch of babies, making it clear what their business is about. Travel companies can show various famous world sites, dating sites might show pictures of happy couples etc.

A website header is a great positioning tool and is an important component of your marketing strategy. What are some of the advantages of using WordPress for defining headers, or how does WordPress make it easy for you to create a great header? This is what I found while building my own website.

1. No coding needed

With WordPress, there is no need to write any HTML code and do tedious formatting. Depending on your theme, the header area is already defined.

2. No ugly formatting

Most WordPress themes come with a pre-defined header area. Some themes provide a GUI or graphical interface where you can just change the dimensions of the header. Simple image editing is sufficient to get your header in the required size. Some themes allow you to crop and resize the image based on the requirement.

The header section is generally found under the Appearance tab on the WordPress Dashboard. The Dashboard is the area you come to when you login to your website. You can easily learn about this and several other exciting features of WordPress.


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