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Tips For Creating Effective Headers, Ebook Covers and Box Covers



By Leva Duell

Headers and product covers play a crucial role in your sales success. Effective, high-quality images inspire trust, while something that looks thrown together has the opposite effect  Your headers and product cover images must look professional and use the right colors and images. Graphics, colors and text affect the quality of your images.

The following tips will help you design effective headers and product covers:


  • Keep it simple. Simplicity is the key to powerful design.
  • Convey your web site’s topic at a glance. Carefully select your images to best represent your topic and support your sales message.
  • Be original; stand out from your competition. Be inspired, but certainly don’t copy someone else’s design.
  • Don’t use too many graphics. Use clipart sparingly. Don’t clutter your web site with graphics that have nothing to do with the content.
  • Photographs often work well for headers and eBook covers, but be sure to choose photos that accurately depict what your web site is about.


  • Select colors that work with your website colors. I recommend designing the web images first, then use a color theme for the web site that works with the images.
  • Make sure that the colors you use for your headers and product covers are appropriate for your topic.
  • Use text colors that contrast, but do not clash with your background to make your title and benefits stand out.


  • Use benefits in your header and cover images and focus on your target audience.
  • Use readable fonts. Arial black, Helvetica black, and Impact are just some examples of popular fonts that are used to create titles and headlines. Arial, Impact, and Futura are great fonts for your eBook cover.
  • Limit the amount of text to what’s important. For a header, use a headline and sub headline and perhaps your url. The less text you use, the larger and more readable your text will be.
  • Use fonts that are appropriate for your subject matter and your audience.

A high-quality header and product cover (3D eBook cover, box cover, CD cover, product box) will inspire confidence and your prospects will feel more comfortable buying from you. There is little doubt that quality, targeted images can increase your sales.

Combining layout, graphics, text and colors into a unique design requires some thought. Mediocre design falls short of building the kind of confidence that increases sales. In fact, poorly designed graphics can have negative results. Boost Credibility and Sales with Quality Headers!


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