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How to Customize Your Blog Header Using The Free Twenty Ten WordPress Theme



By Bobby Bowman

One of the first things that faces someone as soon as WordPress is set up on a domain name is the default free twenty ten WordPress theme. This is a nice, clean, crisp and easy to use interface which is why it probably was chosen to be the default template for WordPress.

For someone new entering into the web development arena sometimes things just don’t seem to be clicking and a lot of the information takes a bit of navigating the search engines to find out how to customize your blog header using the free twenty ten WordPress theme.

It is often an overlooked aspect of many new websites using the template, as many find that it is just simply the appearance and that the real meat of the website is the content within the site itself. Which is true to a certain degree. It’s only valuable content when visitors take the time to read over it. So you need them to stay on your page. As the header is the first thing that your website visitors are going to see, it’s therefore going to be of some importance to customize your blog header to make your site both eye appealing and give a warm and inviting feeling to your visitors for them to scroll down your page and navigate around your new site.

For those just starting out, using the free twenty ten WordPress theme is going to be a great template to get started with. It can be cleaned up pretty dramatically when you simply customize your blog header and has this feature built in.

You can find that under the appearance tab on the left sidebar of your admin area. It’s listed under header. By default if I remember correctly it’s a sort of tree and forestry look the header displays. Not very specific to the topic your new site is going to be based around I’m guessing. If it is then great… You’re off and running without feeling the need to customize your blog header..

When you click the header tab you will taken to the customization page. The header you need has to be 940x198px.

To get that there’s a free to use website called Photobucket. You can simply upload an image and select resize. Then uncheck the “keep proportions” box and leave the “use percentages” box unchecked as well and insert the new size you want to 940 x 198. That gives your image size the height using 940 pixels and the width at 198 pixels. You can add your own text as well and control how the text is displayed. You can then download that to your computer and select the browse tab from the upload image area and navigate to where you saved your image to on your computer.

Now that you’re familiar with how to customize your blog header using the free twenty ten WordPress theme you can spend more time focusing on your personal website building.


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