What Goes In A Website Header?

By Mark W Soulsby


Most people on the Internet like to surf now and then, we are all naturally inquisitive and surfing goes a long way to satisfy our curiosity. The range of topics when surfing is only limited by the Websites available on the Internet today, with most subjects covered in some way, shape or form.

This gives us all the opportunity to visit Websites on any given topic that piques our interest, and what we see first when paying a visit to any site is the Home Page.

The Home page is the most important page of any Website, done right it will spark the interest of the reader who will then look at the Website properly. Done wrong, the visitor will move on to the next Website without a second thought.

Taking the time to design a good-looking site is vital to attract visitors to a Website. There is nothing worse than seeing a Website that has been hastily put up, it shows and it will show by the number of visitors the site gets.

The Internet moves at a great pace, what were last years newest Website designs are no longer usable, they are out of date and usually look it.

A rule of thumb I use when looking at Websites is to check the date of the site, as long as I can see 2012 somewhere I’ll stay and look around. Any Website that doesn’t show 2012 I will leave alone, because the owner has not bothered to up-date the site. Also these sites will have old content on them and old links, need I say More?

The Home page of any Website has a Header section at the very top, in this section you will find the Title of the site and other snippets of information. All the information here can either be automated by using templates, or by a custom design.

Below is a list of what should appear in the Header:

1. The Title.

2. Keywords for the Website.

3. Description of the Website content.

4. Graphic about the Website.

Additions are:

5. Search Box.

6. List of Pages, (content).

7. Date, (or at foot of page).

Automated Templates for Headers are kept up to-date and look good on Websites, they’re designed crisp and clear by professional Website designers.

Custom designs by the Website owner have to attract the visitor, this requires time and a lot of thought to get right.

The next time you do some surfing, check out the Headers that people use, after this short read you have the knowledge to give these Websites a critical eye and see if you agree with me.

Mark W. Soulsby runs a Website called, ‘How To Start A Website’. There are pages and posts about setting up your own Website, Free offers,Great tips and Information for all.


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