Design Your Website Yourself or Hire a Website Designer…Which is more preferable?

design-your-websiteIt is difficult to decide whether you design your website your self or hire a professional website designer. Whether you have the capabilities and resources available to you – to present a professional-looking web site or the dollar amount you invest for a web site designer will be earned back tenfold with your site’s success.

Many factors are considered in this decision whether to hire a professional website designer or do it your self the most factor is the level of expertise in designing. You or your hired designer should have expertise in the necessary web technology which is helpful to create an attractive, professional-looking website that contains all functionality and features.

Design your website yourself is good for small business website which does not contain much functionality and features. But you should consider one thing that once your site is live – there will still be content updates and general site maintenance to be done on a regular basis. Will you have the time to do this – plus operate your business? There are lots of reasons why you may decide to build a web site yourself, but most often you’ll find it is much easier to hire an experienced designer that will work with you every step of the way.


Hiring a professional web designer instead of building the web site yourself will save you a lot of valuable time, energy, and frustration. Design a website yourself is a large undertaking to develop a professional website. You need to keep the site up-to-date and it is tedious and time-consuming. How much is your time worth, and isn’t it better spent on business development- not website development? So it is good to hire a website designer for a professional-looking website that looks attractive and contains all functionality and features.

There is a large spectrum of skills that are necessary to make effective web sites and there are many aspects to web development far beyond learning the basics such as HTML.

A professional web designer is not only skilled in design but also remains in-the-loop in several important areas including Marketing, SEO, Communication, HTML, CSS, Photo Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Java Script, and possibly several other languages like Flash, PHP and others. You can also hire a PHP programmer to get more ideas about your website functionality.

The decision whether or not to do it yourself comes down to your skill levels, the features you want or need, the image you want to project for your web site, and the amount of time you have to devote to building the website.

A professional website designer is experienced in website designing so he knows how to effectively communicate your message. They have skilled for internet marketing and they presenting your information in a clear and brief manner, as well as relaying your message through the use of colors, fonts, shapes, layouts, and more to deliver the message that is best for representing your business. The can design a professional-looking website with the utmost features and functionality.

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  1. Site looks nice and clean and sharp. It actually looks like the Twenty11, or Twenty12 theme?
    I’m glad I noticed your message on Google+. I like Google+ to because if all else fails Google always takes care of its own interests, such as, Google+ and Youtube, Google Trends etc.
    Well I just thought I would stop in and drop you a note back. Again, the site does really look good. I like the simple uncluttered appearance !

    Well, Happy Thanksgiving, and Christmas is just around the corner now.

    Take Care,

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