Essential tips to make your website user friendly

web-navigationYou don’t want your website guest to shift to another site in a jiffy just because he could not talk with you, right?In other words, you desperately need to make your website a user-friendly one. In other words, still, your website design needs a face-lift to suit the rapidly growing demands and trends of the web world. Keeping a few points in mind while website designing will be of immense help.


A world where people are now far more vociferous about their opinions, likes, dislikes, and tastes and prefer posting them instantly on the web an easy way of communication with the website owner is what they will expect above everything else.

Allowing your website visitor the minimum level of communicative comfort is ideally what you need to look forward to. Revamp it with options that will facilitate the users to easily talk with you or place an order or give their feedback since people nowadays widely prefer one to one communication.

Browser compatibility

A generous availability of alternative browsers like Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera apart from Internet Explorer poses a problem for the visitor as certain designs look different on different browsers.

In this context, your website needs a higher level of browser compatibility to allow the design to be viewed as equally good in every other browser.


To generate an easy flow of navigation through the main page and the other links you need to have them clearly identified. See to it that returning to the main page requires just one click. For sites with over three levels, “breadcrumbs” can be a good option. They present your click path as: Home > Section 2 > Subsection B > Page 4.

Lesser use of graphics

Web design firms advise lesser use of graphics than text content so as to generate an easy and fast uploading procedure. Make sure that your web design services offer usage of ALT Tags as well as CSS (custom style sheets) to let the text readers read the content easily. You will like your site to be able to be accessed by one and all, including the visually challenged, right?

Avoidance of Flash

Avoiding the use of Flash while pepping up your website is advisable as flash animations are usually huge in size and it will be hugely time-consuming for dial-up users to loading them. Also, search engine optimization service gets hampered as flash websites fail to be crawled by leading search engines, which blatantly indicates a negative signal in the reception of free traffic from the search engines. In fact, SEO services remain the foremost significant area of concern whenever you are planning to deal with web design services.

Once your website is equipped with the aspects that will make it user friendly you can expect a huge browser footfall and more loyalty out of them.

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