Useful Tips before Redesigning of Website

website-redesignA well-made website design gives the business a corporate identity in the web world. A good website manifests the vision of the company. Keeping in mind, the continuous change and growth in the web industry the website need to be reorganized to avoid being lost in the crowd. Redesigning websites helps to boost up the image and makes it more user and SEO friendly.

Tips before redesigning of the website:

    • Reason for redesigning of the website: A website design fails to represent the true picture of the business if it doesn’t reflect the upcoming changes in the vision and strategies of the company or if there is growth in the services, products of the company, change in business direction. Websites need to be redesigned to give a vision of the company, cite the services and products in order to survive in the market.
    • Research before redesign: Get an overview of the present state of the website by constructive analysis of web traffic data and feedback from visitors. Set up focus groups, face-to-face interviews, usability tests, and online surveys to learn about the needs and demands of the target audience.
    • Redefining goals of the company: Redefine the strategic goals of the business, the new products, and services offered by the company so that the new web design manifests the true picture to the public.
    • Keep the backup folder of the old website: Prior to redesigning, it is important to keep a backup folder of the present website. If the new website design fails to garner traffic then the old website can be reloaded.
    • Work on the content of the web page: The web content is reviewed and reorganized while the website is redesigned. Content is written in the line of the customers’ expectations and needs and also SEO friendly.
    • Make attractive and professional website design: A website with a dull appearance is sure to get eliminated in the course of time as there is less traffic.
      In order to survive in the market, reconstruction of the web design becomes necessary. Redesigning the website helps in the smooth running of the business in the long run. A site using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file to manage appearance can simply modify it for the future maintenance of website data structures by web designer and also makes it more SEO friendly. Graphic designs make websites more appealing.
    • Create a user-friendly website: Content of a website must be appealing to the customers. A website design that fails to meet the needs of users must be reorganized to make it more user friendly and garner more and more traffic.
    • Make a website SEO friendly: A web design without rich content of keywords gets buried in the crowd. The website design must be redesigned with proper placement of keywords so that search engine robots can crawl the web page easily.
    • Test the redesign: The redesign can increase or decrease the traffic to the website. Web statistics of a website helps to examine the traffic flow. Test the ideas and layouts of the new design by examining its influence on a few target audiences and its impact on the business statistics and income for some time.
    • Planning the promotion of website: Email campaigns, Search engine optimization, directories, and other websites help to promote a website. Redesigning of the website helps in website promotion which contributes to the overall success of the company.
    • Bulleting and picture: Pictures give a vibrant look to the website and bulletins add up to the systematic presentation of the details. Both pictures and bulletins are consumer and SEO-friendly.
    • Link structure: The link structure of a website must be build up in a systematic way for easy navigation of users from a web page to another. Multiple unique links pose as a hindrance for both search engines and users.
    • Use a tool to check the validation of the website: The tool checks the validation of the HTML format of every web page of the website. Check out Markup Validation Service.

Website design significantly defines the visions of the company, its long term, and short-term goals. Redesigning the website builds up the image of the company and promotes success in the business world.

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