Establishing Credibility as a Blogger

Establishing Credibility as a Blogger

There are millions of blogs currently online, but only a select few have solid readerships and brand engagements. Blogs with a positive reputation and great community feedback definitely have the upper hand when it comes to site visits and interactions. 

It’s not exactly rocket science, but even as you’re starting out, you need to put the utmost importance on building credibility. The more credible you are, the more readers and followers you get; the bigger your readership gets, the more brands will want to work with you; the more brands you work with, the more credible you get—it’s a loop that you want to be in. 
So here are some tips to get you started:

Create reliable, relevant, and engaging content 

Write about something that you’re truly passionate about. Creating genuine and well-researched content will attract people to your blog, and they’ll start to look to you for resources and recommendations. 
You should also make sure that your content is formatted well for easier readability. Use subheadings, bold a few words, or maybe italicize others. Most online readers are scanners, which means that they prefer shorter paragraphs, lists, and sectioned articles.

Develop a professional-looking website 

The average person spends about 15 seconds on a webpage, and these 15 seconds are crucial in determining whether or not they’ll stay on your site or bounce out.
Website design is very important in creating a good first impression. A good website should look professional, with a well-structured navigation bar and a well-designed page layout. It should also have your contact information so that both readers and prospective brand partners may reach you easily.
Use high-quality images at all times, there are no excuses for pixelated ones anymore since there are tons of free high-resolution photos available online—and the most important image should be the header. It’s the first thing people see as soon as the page loads, so make sure that you pick one that represents your brand.

Duly register your business 

Anyone who does business or profits from a service is automatically considered a sole proprietor. However, taking the extra step of duly registering your business bumps up your credibility ten times over.
This is an especially important consideration if you’re looking into doing brand partnerships. Businesses will often ask for your Employer Identification Number (EIN) when compensating you for your services, and since this is one of the requirements of forming an LLC or a corporation anyway, you should consider upgrading your business structure to fully legitimize and register your website.
An EIN reinforces your credibility to brands, as this is proof that you’re running a legitimate, licensed business. This also assures them that you’re paying state taxes and other income taxes, as any other lawful brand would.

Network, network, network

Get the word out about your new blog! You can do this by creating social media pages dedicated to your blog, where you can post updates and interact with your followers.
You can even leverage your existing relationships to help boost awareness about your new site. Ask your friends and family to share your posts, and connect with even more people who you think may engage with your content.
The most important thing about blogging is that you’re your best and most credible self, the rest will surely follow.

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